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Ferry Services to East Hampton
Steering Wheel

These are the various ferry services between East Hampton and Connecticut via Montauk and Sag Harbor.

Here is the connection between East Hampton and Connecticut:

Ferry services between Connecticut and Sag Harbor

In the map above, the trip is as follows:

Destination Method Time/Distance
1 -> 2 New London <=> Orient Point Cross Ferry
about 1hr 45min
2 -> 3 Orient Point <=> Greenport about 6 miles
3 -> 4 Greenport <=> Shelter Island North Ferry
about 15 minutes
4 -> 5 Shelter Island (North) <=> Shelter Island (South) about 5 miles
5 -> 6 Shelter Island <=> Sag Harbor South Ferry
about 5 minutes

Needless to say, these are beautiful rides - whether on the ferry or while riding to the various ferry ports by car. You do need a car - this is how you get on the ferry - with your car.

While on the ferry, you can of course get out of the car and enjoy the beautiful crossings on the deck. So you can bring your pets along on the ride, as long as you keep them in the car. We once had to chase around a kitty that escaped from a car. After circling the deck several times and getting under various cars to nab the fugitive, we finally got the little devil. Then we had to get the first aid kit to clean off the blood from our hands and faces.

From New London, CT to Sag Harbor

Cross Sound Ferry
2 Ferry Street
P.O. Box 33
New London, CT, 06320

North Ferry Company
Shelter Island Heights, Route 114
Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965-0589

South Ferry Inc.
P.O. Box 2024
Shelter Island

From Bridgeport, CT to Port Jefferson

Bridgeport, CT to Port Jefferson, NY
631 - 473-0286 or 203-335-2040

Port Jefferson Terminal is located at Port Jefferson Harbor at North end of Route 112. Bridgeport Terminal is located on Water Street Dock one Block from the Municipal Bus Terminal.

From Port Jefferson, you will have to drive to the Hamptons by taking Rout 112 to the Long Island Expressway (495 East) to Montauk.

Other Ferry Services

Montauk to Block Island
(631) 668-5700

Viking Ferry Lines provides seasonal passenger service to Block Island between May and October as well as to other locations such as Point Judith, Providence, Newport and New London.

After you landed ...
There are several options for getting from the ferry to East Hampton or any of the other villages or hamlets in the Hamptons.

Local transportation in East Hampton

Other Ways To Get to East Hampton

By Plane By Ferry By Wheels
By Air By Ferry By Road

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